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The Beer Queendom: Chronicles of a Utopian World


By Bill Metzger 
Hardcover, 330 pages

When the Queen created her utopian society, she visualized a land where all citizens could lead happy, engaged, productive lives.  And drink only good beer.  Yet as with other utopian societies, there were those who would threaten The Beer Queendom's very existence.  None posed a greater danger than the Outer Realm's Overlords, who ruled a world of war, greed and anthropogenic global warming.

As if protecting her utopia from the Overlords wasn't difficult enough, the Queen had to deal with a moat dwelling former employee, who despite his lack of sanity provided The Beer Queendom with enough beer to keep her citizens content.  She also had to spend countless hours guiding her cantankerous inner circle to a more efficient management style.

This story tells the tale of how the Queen manages to keep her utopia intact, prevent incursions from the Overlords, and save the Outer Realm from itself.  And all while sampling the best beer on the planet.

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